Should the UK ban weapons exports to Israel after 3 Brits killed in IDF strike?


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BREAKING NEWS: Recent reports highlight a tragic incident in Gaza where three British aid workers were killed in an Israeli strike. These workers were providing security for other aid personnel from World Central Kitchen in Gaza, a notable effort amidst the ongoing conflict to deliver humanitarian aid to those in dire need. This event has drawn significant attention and condemnation from various quarters, including some of Israel’s closest allies. The loss of these lives, amidst efforts to deliver over 100 tonnes of humanitarian food aid, underscores the severe and escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The international response includes condemnation of the violence and a call for a full, transparent explanation from Israeli authorities, with British Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron urging Israel for clarity on the situation. The broader context involves a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with calls for increased aid and access to the region to prevent further loss of life and suffering.

The question is – should the UK now ban weapons exports to Israel in lite of the fact these weapons are not only being used on civilians in Gaza but now, potentially may have been involved in the killing of three UK nationals who were providing security for humanitarian efforts to relieve the crisis in Gaza?

Vote below – Yes we should ban weapons exports to Israel or No – this is an unfortunate incident but the UK should continue to support Israel  


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3 weeks ago

This was a tragic mistake, these things happen in war. All the blame lies with Hamas and their supporters. We need to help Israel and any other countries fighting to get rid of terrorists for the greater long term good. Hamas will never talk or reason. Israel is making some mistakes, and of course some members of its army are bad actors. Just like in all others. What they are trying to do must be supported though. Hamas will not stop, the ideology will only spread if they are not dealt with now.


3 weeks ago


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