As of January 2024, DemRefs Community Standards outline the rules and regulations governing what is and isn’t allowed on our platforms. These standards are divided into several categories, including:

  1. DemRef will not tolerate Violence and Criminal Behaviour: Content that promotes or depicts violence, criminal behaviour, or harm to individuals or animals is not allowed. Any users promoting Violence and Criminal behaviour, Polls that incite or ask for citizens to engage in Violent and Criminal behaviour will be banned from the platform and the Poll will be removed and taken down.
  2. Safety: DemRef prohibits content that puts the safety of others at risk, including but not limited to bullying, harassment, and hate speech. Any Poll deemed to be encouraging or advocating bullying, harassment or hate speech will be taken down and removed and the user posting such content may be banned from DemRef and its platforms.
  3. Integrity and Authenticity: Users must provide accurate information about themselves and refrain from engaging in deceptive practices, such as fake accounts or spam. We expect users to create Polls with integrity and authenticity DemRef does not warrant or guarantee the integrity and authenticity or a particular poll or issue if you suspect that a Poll is not authentic please contact and our community guidelines team will reach out to the user to make checks regarding the poll.
  4. Respectful Behaviour: Content that promotes respectful interactions and dialogue among users is encouraged. Hate speech, discrimination, and threats are not tolerated.

Any user that creates a Poll that promotes, or advocates hate speech, discrimination or threats will be removed and possibly banned from all DemRefs platforms.

  1. Nudity and Sexual Activity: DemRef has strict rules regarding nudity and sexual content to create a safe environment for all users, particularly minors. All images uploaded either in users profile pictures and or Polls created by users are monitored for sexual content and or nudity and images that violate this policy will be removed from the platform.
  2. Child Safety: Content that exploits or endangers children is strictly prohibited if you see or suspect any users or content uploaded to any of DemRefs platforms please immediately report this to and we will investigate and take appropriate actions
  3. Suicide and Self-Injury: DemRef aims to provide a safe place for citizens to discuss ideas and we endorse and encourage public debate and democratic participation. We do not condone or support the promotion of suicide or self-harm or injury.
  4. Dangerous Organizations: Content that promotes or supports dangerous organizations or activities, such as terrorism or organized crime, is not allowed.
  5. Regulated Goods: DemRef prohibits the promotion for sale or trade of certain regulated goods, including drugs, firearms, and tobacco products.
  6. Fraud and Deception: Content that promotes fraudulent schemes, scams, or deceptive practices is not allowed.
  7. Cruel and Insensitive Content: DemRef prohibits content that promotes cruelty, insensitivity, or violence towards individuals or groups based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or nationality.
  8. Intellectual Property: Users must respect intellectual property rights and not infringe upon copyrights, trademarks, or other legal protections. If you do upload a picture to illustrate your Poll please credit the source of the content, any content that violates third party intellectual property rights and is flagged to us will be removed.

These guidelines are subject to change, and DemRef regularly updates its policies in response to feedback, evolving societal norms, and legal requirements.